Mocha Java

Mocha Java


Mocha Java coffee is one of the first coffee blends in the world, going all the way back to when traders were sailing from Europe to Indonesia. Ships would stop in the port of Java and pick up the typically bold and earthy coffees that this area of Indonesia had to offer. Then, on their return, they would stop in the very busy port of Mocha, Yemen, picking up more coffee. Like the nearby coffees from Ethiopia, those from Mocha were lighter, fruitier and brighter than their Java counterparts.

Back in Europe, coffees from these two parts of the world were mixed together resulting in one of the first known coffee blends. The bright, fruity notes of the Mocha coffee paired beautifully with the deep, rich undertones of the Indonesian Java coffee and became known as the Mocha Java Blend.

Our Mocha Java is a nod to the origins of blended coffee, a well balanced mix of Sumatran Mandheling and Ethiopian Harrar come together to to form a bold, complexed, fruity coffee with hints of blueberry and spiced chocolate.  A true speciality blend.

This coffee is available as whole beans for you to grind at home, or in 3 types of grind Cafetiere, Filter/Dripper or Espresso.  Please use the drop down arrow to make your selection.

We recommend that you brew the coffee within three months of the roasting date stamped on packet.

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