Mountain Water Wash Decaf (Mexico)

Mountain Water Wash Decaf (Mexico)


This Mountain Water Wash coffee has a citrusy flavour, rich acidity with a clean and sweet aftertaste

We understand that just because our customers don’t want caffeine they do still want good flavour. So we thought we’d do things differently and bring you a superb Mexican bean naturally decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process; a technique specially developed to preserve the coffee’s original flavour and aroma by immersing the coffee beans in water at varying temperatures and pressures in order to extract the 99.9% of the caffeine. No chemicals are used and a filtering process allows the beans to maintain their character and flavour.

This coffee is available as whole beans for you to grind at home, or in 3 types of grind Cafetiere, Filter/Dripper or Espresso.  Please use the drop down arrow to make your selection.

We recommend that you brew the coffee within three months of the roasting date stamped on packet.

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